Retail Services

Within Retail it’s all about facilitating the sale of products or services in an online or physical retail store location. This would include tasks such as stocking, organising, presenting, marketing, and selling goods to customers in the store and over the phone. At ISEC we are eager to improve lives across retail and the supporting service industries. With our support to the clients, we will be able to help even more people throughout the sector.

     Job Duties:

  • Opening the store at the beginning of operating hours and
    closing it at the end of operating hours
  • Scanning items and ensuring customers have found what they were looking for
  • Operating a EPOS system
  • Counting out the correct change when tendering cash & taking card payments with cash back
  • Communicating with customers over the phone and in person, Answering all questions they have about products and services in store
  • Keeping aware of what types of products are in the store and making recommendations to customers
  • Recommending another store location or helpful alternative when the store doesn’t carry the product a customer
    is looking for.
  • Following procedures like dress code, customer etiquette, safety regulations, and other precautions and
  • Lifting heavy items when necessary
  • Engaging in appropriate behaviour at all times, representing the business in a positive light.

     Key skills and qualities include:

  • Good teamwork
  • Flexibility to do different tasks with a can do attitude
  • Ability to be friendly and polite, even when tired, or under pressure
  • Ability to follow procedures correctly, such as using a till
  • Confidence in giving advice and information